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I have Office 365 Pro Plus, version 1609 (Build 7369.2130). Read More Hi James, IMHO, the best way is to use Power Query (aka Get & Transform).When I look at the Add Column menu, I see Add Custom Column, Add Index Column, ... hoping someone can help with a database connection issue. Sybase SDK 15.7 works with 2010, but we had to go back to Sybase SDK 15.5 to connect with 2013. First link found is Read More Does anyone know where timeout settings might be increased for Online Services queries?Afer getting a Diploma in Information Technology he did his MBA with Dual specialization in IT Project Management.He has experience of designing, manag- ing & implementing large databases bearing Very good understanding and extensive expe- rience in Advance Excel, VBA – Macros, advance Power Point, Excel Dashboard, Access & MSP (Microsoft Project 2010).Read More Excel 2016 includes a powerful new set of features based on the Power Query technology, which provides fast, easy data gathering and shaping capabilities and can be accessed through the Get & Transform section on the Data ribbon. A Registry setting, for example, like with Access to SQL using ODBC/Jet. I'm trying to pull in data into power query using a web URL, however, i'm only getting 24,998 rows of a total 278K. Read More I am using MS Exchange to 'Get & Transform Data' from a MS Exchange Account. The problem is that Excel is only loading the first 250(ish) characters of the message body from each mail. Read More Hi everybody,i'm new with Excel 2016 database connection while i came from Excel 2010..Olaf, since this is Tech Pro community, perhaps it's worth to share insiders news as well here, for example Dec 2016 Excel update for insiders - I'm pulling in Salesforce objects using Get and Transform in Excel 2016 Pro. When pulling the data in using Get external data vs. I would to use My Sql database connection like it describes here: SQL-Power-Query-8760c647-88b9-409d-b312-6ea8f84a269b? Read More I have the same issue as the gentleman from Ratheon.

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